Ostrich Chicks


Reg no. V12927, Act 36 of 1947
Ostriches & Poultry

BIOREM-PLUS for ostriches and poultry contains a combination of Lactic Acid Bacteria and a natural bioflavonoidic anti-oxidant. Every gram BIOREM-PLUS contains at least 5.7 X 106 lactic acid bacteria that consists of:

  • Lb. acidophilus;
  • Lb. bavaricus;
  • Lb. casei ssp. rhamnosus;
  • Lb. coryneformis;
  • Lb. curvatus;
  • Lb. sake;
  • Streptococcus sp;
  • Enterococcus spp.;
  • Leuconostoc spp.
  • As well as 85.7 mg BIORED, a natural bioflavonoid.

Lactic Acid Bacteria:

  1. Anaerobic
  2. Responsible for the digestion of up to 49% of food.
  3. Bacterial antagonism through:
    • Reducing of the environment pH
    • Bacterial non-antibiotic excretions
    • Bacterial (natural) antibiotic excretions
    • Facultative anaerobic
  4. STRESS and antibiotic treatment are mainly responsible for the reducing in quantities of the bacteria in the digestive tract. (See BIOREM for more information).

BIORED: Natural antioxidant:

  1. Increases the natural vitamin A and E levels. considerably.
  2. Anti-allergic
  3. Anti-inflammatory
  4. BIORED increases the general health levels of the ostrich, especially young growing chics and also the quality of the skin and feathers in adult birds. (See BIORED for more information).

Medicate ostrich chics feed for at least 3 months with BIOREM-PLUS. The medication of the feed of birds older than 3 months can be amended. Sick birds have to be treated orally with the correct dosage, as their intake of feed is not sufficient to receive therapeutic levels of the medication. BI-OSTROSIN is recommended for oral administration. Feed has to be medicated during cold weather, handling, after antibiotic treatment, breeding, feedlots etc.

Mix 2kg per ton BIOREM-PLUS in feed for young birds up to 3 month of age. The frequency of administrating medicated feed can be amended for adult birds, but at least every second week for seven days.
With the addition of BIORED, a natural bioflavonoidic physiological anti-oxidant, the following additional features are obtained:
It increases the availability of the natural vitamin A and E levels in the body. These vitamins are thus used optimally and the need for additional vitamins is limited.

  1. Vitamin A increases healthy skin, feather growth and sight.
  2. Vitamin E has to do with the maintenance of healthy tissue.
  3. BIORED binds collagen.
  4. BIORED protects unsaturated fatty adds.
  5. BIORED scavenges free radicals.
  6. BIORED increases the availability of energy.
Biorem-Plus 5kg
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