Reg no. V23068, Act 36 of 1947

Calves & Lambs

A pure fish liver oil enriched with Vitamin A (8000 IU/ml), Vitamin D (800 IU/ml) and SELENIUM (0,3 mg/ml). SELENIUM is an essential trace element with which human and animals cannot live without.

Sub-optimal levels in animals can restrict growth, lower conception percentages in female animals, increase abortions and lower the immunity of animals against viral infections.

Vitamin A shortages restrict growth, especially in drought conditions, keeps placenta and can also have an effect on bone malformation and degradation of the reproductive organs.

Rams: 3 times a year
Ewes: 4 weeks prior to mating and 4 weeks prior to lambing
Lambs: Every 3 months, and at intake in feedlots
Cows: 4 weeks prior to mating or insemination and 4 weeks prior to calving
Calves: Every 3 months, at intake in feedlots

Sheep: 10ml/40kg
Cattle: 25ml/100kg

Atlantic Gold 5 litre
Atlantic Gold 2 litre